An occupational health screening is a comprehensive examination of each employee’s health to help detect abnormalities in the body related to repeated exposure in a particular working environment of the employee. This assessment is performed by doctors with appropriate expertise and requires specialized medical equipment for measurement  examination at medical facilities or workers’ workplaces.

Although the industrial revolution produces numerous jobs for thousands of people, employees can face many health risks with the nature of work. For example, workers in the industrial field can be infected with diseases such as:

  • Lead poisoning and lead compounds
  • Benzene poisoning and its homologous compounds
  • Mercury poisoning
  • TNT poisoning (Trinitrotoluene)
  • Arsenic poisoning and arsenic compounds
  • Green Tobacco Sickness
  • Insecticide poisoning
1. For employees
  • To check health periodically and detects abnormalities early, especially hidden health problems that can’t be detected with eyes.
  • Understand the health conditions to adjust the diet, lifestyle and work accordingly.
  • Minimize healthcare costs, opportunity costs if detecting abnormalities too late.
2. For employers:
  • Minimize financial costs due to long-term accumulated occupational health problems
  • Determine employees who meet the health requirements for the job, thereby improving labor productivity, product quality and limiting the risks of accidents in the working environment.
  • Ensur a suitable working environment to attract quality employees.
  • Ensure compliance with national regulations and laws.
  • Ensure compliance with the strict requirements of partners, customers, and the industry on the human resources, no infectious diseases or chronic diseases affecting product quality
  • Phenylketonuria
  • Urinary methylhippuric acid (Xylene)
  • O-crezonuria (Toluene)
  • Urinary t,t-muconic acid (benzene exposure)
  • Arsenic (blood, urine)
  • Manganese
  • Chromium (urine)
  • Cadmium (urine)
  • Mercury (urine)
  • Nicotine (urine)
  • Lead (urine, blood)
  • Delta ALA (urine)